What is allowed and not allowed in the concert bowl?


✅ Bag policy: Bags larger than 4.5” x 6.5” must be clear with only one compartment. No bags larger than 12” x 6” x 12” are allowed. Small, single pocket fanny packs or clutch/wristlet work great
✅ Camelbacks (must be empty and have no more than one pocket)
✅ Blankets/towels
✅ Lawn chairs
✅ Hats
✅ Rain gear
✅ Ear plugs
✅ Empty or sealed plastic water bottle
✅ Sunscreen
✅ Physician prescribed medications (name must match with carrier’s government issued ID, and must not be expired)
✅ Small personal use camera (no detachable lens) Professional photography equipment, defined as any camera with a detachable lens, monopods, tripods, etc. is prohibited. Small digital cameras, of a size that can fit in your pocket, are permitted on the Festival site. Gate personnel have final say on whether a camera is professional or not.
✅ Bug spray
✅ Water misters (small, personal-sized)
✅ Strollers (for infants/toddlers only)
✅ Cigarettes/vapes
✅ Binoculars
✅ Selfie sticks



❌ Firearms, explosives, or weapons of any kind, including but not limited to pocket knives, pepper spray and tasers
❌ Glass containers of any kind
❌ Bicycles/scooters/go-karts/ATVs/skateboards
❌ Fireworks and Sky Lanters
❌ Alcohol of any kind
❌ Drugs & drug paraphernalia
❌ Laser pointers / Flashlight / Air Horns / Noise Makers
❌ Musical instruments
❌ Spray paint/giant markers/sharpies
❌ Tents of any kind
❌ Pets (service animals must have proper identification)
❌ Outside food and beverages
❌ Coolers & metal nontainers – including for water
❌ Flags
❌ Large Misters & Water Guns
❌ Wagons or wheeled carts
❌ Kites
❌ Unauthorized solicitation
❌ Umbrellas / hula hoops / frisbees / ropes / lassos / chains
❌ Professional grade radios or walkie talkies
❌ Drones or any other remote flying device
❌ Any and all professional audio recording and/or video recording equipment
❌ Professional cameras and equipment (any camera with a detachable lens)
❌ Any item deemed inappropriate by festival security

Prohibited items will be confiscated and not returned. A violation of festival rules or policies could result in immediate removal from festival grounds and loss of wristband and parking pass.

VERY IMPORTANT: Be like Johnny Cash, “Don’t Take Your Guns to (town) WE Fest”

Firearms and weapons of any kind are STRICTLY prohibited everywhere at Soo Pass Ranch including all campgrounds, the Ranch House, and concert areas. Security personnel, metal detectors, and detection dogs will be active on the grounds, combined with thorough searches of patrons and their vehicles. Any infraction will involve Law Enforcement and removal from the festival without a refund.