Stephen Wilson Jr.

Stephen Wilson Jr. is the real deal. While his upbringing was not exactly easy, he came away with a great respect and love for music, inspiration from his late father, and passion like no other for the craft.

“I’m from Southern, Indiana […] The birthplace of John Mellencamp. He was a big influence on my town, and my culture, and the soundtrack of the town,” began Wilson. “I grew up with a lot of honest music.”

Wilson recalls loving both country music and classic rock music. “I grew up listening to music that whole time. My grandparents were really big into Johnny Cash and Hank Williams and my dad was big into classic rock and 90s country music at the time,” shared the singer-songwriter. Wilson Jr. also remembered riding on the bus for hours a day to school, listening to even more country music. I spent a lot of time listening to Nashville songwriters [on the bus]. I just knew that the songwriters were incredible.”

While music was something he loved from an early age, Wilson inherited his father’s skill and love for boxing. “I spent a lot of time in boxing clubs and boxing gyms watching him fight […] By the time I was seven years old, I started boxing too,” he shared. Adding later, “My first stage was not a stage at all, it was a boxing ring.” – COUNTRY SWAG