Cowboy Troy


Cowboy Troy returned to the national country music conversation when he delivered Laugh With Me (2018). With the right mix of country radio friendly songs and dance club shakers, Troy intends on keeping the party going. Since his 2004 introduction, Cowboy Troy has incorporated elements of rap into his version of country music. The native Texan and University of Texas grad continues to develop his artistry while exploring new topics and incorporating new sounds.

Troy has spent time on TV as well. He’s been a part of the ESPN College Game-day video intro alongside Big & Rich since the 2006 college football season. He also served as co-host for USA Network’s Nashville Star in 2006 and 2007. Troy also performed on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars on the final episode of 2012 Spring season. His appearance in Big & Rich’s Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy video, as well as his own I Play Chicken With the Train and Hick Chick videos remind viewers of his “party starter” nature. In 2009, Troy became the face and voice of the Cowboy Stomp anthem video for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL.

Troy knows he’s challenging conventional thinking about what country music is, but expects that his music will find its place. “I’ve never been like everybody else and it wouldn’t do me any good to try,” he says. “Some people are going to love it and some are going to hate it, which is probably how it should be because it means they’re talking.” The way Troy sees it, “innovation is a tradition, not a trend or secondary option…authenticity comes in the commitment.”

Cowboy Troy’s solo releases

  • Loco Motive (2005)
  • Black in the Saddle (2007)
  • Demolition Mission (2009)
  • King of Clubs (2014)
  • Saloons on Neptune (2015)
  • Laugh With Me (2018)