I can’t go, can I give my tickets to a friend?

You can return your tickets on the fan exchange.
Our partner, Lyte will make you an offer on the spot—sometimes more and sometimes less than you paid, depending on demand for tickets. Lyte’s mission is to ensure the next fan in line gets to go at a fair and marketable price.
You will be paid within 1 business day after the event.

If you want to give your friend your ticket, make sure they registers the wristband in their own name while activating it. If not and the wristband gets lost, there is no way to replace it – they would have to pay full price for a ticket since we have no way of tracking the order to their name.

All transfers of tickets must be done by the owner of the ticket. WE Fest WILL NOT arrange any transfers on your behalf. We cannot and will not transfer the ticket or credential into another person’s name.