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2019 WE Fest Baggo Tournament Registration

2019 WE Fest Baggo Tournament Registration

Completely fill out the form below to register your team in the 2019 WE Fest Baggo Tournament.

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2018 Baggo Tournament FAQs

How many teams are in the tournament?

There will be up to 128 teams in the tournament – 64 are located on the Miller Lite bracket, and 64 are located on the Leinenkugel’s bracket. The winner of the Miller Lite bracket will play the winner of the Leinenkugel’s bracket for the GRAND PRIZE!

What do I win?

The overall grand prize winners will receive VIP tickets to WE Fest 2019. Runner-up will receive Reserved Lawn tickets to WE Fest 2019. We will also have coozies and other giveaway items (while supplies last).

Where is the tournament?

The Baggo Tournament is located on the left side of the general admission bowl, as you are facing the stage. We will have sixteen bag games, a Leinenkugel’s tent, and a check-in table set up, so we will be hard to miss!

What time do I show up?

You and your partner will receive an email with a specific schedule of events.
Please note – If both teammates are not present and ready to play at their assigned time, that team will forfeit, and their opponent will proceed to the next round.

Who am I playing against?

Your opponent’s team name will be emailed to you, as well as which baggo board you will be stationed at. There will be eight Miller Lite boards, and eight Leinenkugel’s boards – all sets of boards will be labeled #’s 1-8, and correspond directly with the brackets. If your team is on the Miller Lite bracket, you will be playing on the Miller Lite boards. Oppositely, if your name is on the Leinenkugel’s bracket, you will play on the Leinenkugel’s boards. After checking in, please proceed to the corresponding game #, and wait to begin play until an announcement is made to begin the next round.

When is the tournament running?

All games will be played Thursday, August 2nd from 2:30-4:30 and Friday, August 3rd from 2:30-4:30. For your specific schedule, be on the lookout for an email with complete details regarding the Baggo Tournament schedule.

Can I drink beer while I play?

YES! Be sure to (responsibly) enjoy Miller Lite and Summer Shandy throughout the day!

Can my girlfriend/mom/best friend/cousin/etc. come and watch me play?!

YES! Invite your entire campsite out to come drink beer with us and watch you and your partner dominate the tournament. Share your Miller Time moments with us using #ItsMillerTime #WEFest

What are the rules?

a. Three (3) points are scored for each bag made in the hole.
b. One (1) point is scored for each bag that lands on the board.
c. No cancellation points.
d. First team to score twenty-one (21) points or more wins.
e. Each game will have a time limit of fifteen (15) minutes.
f. The team that is ahead when time expires advances.
g. The game is over if the score reaches eleven (11) to zero (0).
h. All participants must be 21+ and will compete in teams of (2).
i. The distance between Baggo boards will be (20) feet.