August 1 - 3, 2019 Detroit Lakes, MN

We are looking for responsible volunteer groups to supplement key positions and departments during the 3-day music festival. This is a fun team-oriented opportunity that is a great way for groups to work as many hours as they want in order to raise as much money as they want! There are many great positions available, as well as, pre-festival and post-festival jobs should your group not wish to work during the festival. Your organization will receive a donation for every single hour each member of your group volunteers at the festival! Best positions fill fast so contact us early to sign up your group.

How will your team/club members be utilized?

There are a variety of roles we need to fill to ensure the festival runs smoothly. These roles include, but are not limited to: pre-fest set up, campground staff, perimeter staff, gate staff, parking staff, clean-up crew and ushers.

How will your team/club make money?

We will be keeping track of each of your group members’ hours. At the end of the show, we will combine all of your group members’ hours & cut one check for your organization.

Your Shift

Each volunteer will work a minimum of two 6-8 hour shifts. After you finish your shift, you will gain access into the festival FOR THAT DAY. You may work as many days as your group wishes. For groups who work pre-fest (limited spots!), you will gain WEEKEND access to the festival once all hours are complete.


We do offer onsite camping for all groups who work the whole weekend (must be reserved in advance) or for groups who are located 25 miles outside of Detroit Lakes. Complimentary day parking is also provided for groups who drive in for their shifts daily.

How to get involved?

Please complete the below questionnaire if you are interested in being involved or just want to learn more information.
All organizations or groups must provide IRS Form W-9.

Additional Questions? Please Email Us.