This contest has ended, please check back soon for more details.

Contest Rules and Regulations:

All participants must be 21+ and will compete in teams of two (2).

The distance between Baggo boards will be twenty (20) feet.


  • Three (3) points are scored for each bag made in the hole (Baggo).
  • One (1) point is scored for each bag landed on the board.
  • Score is the difference between team point totals for each round.
  • First team to score twenty-one (21) points or more wins.
  • Time Limit: each game outside of the Semi-Finals and Championship will have a time limit of fifteen (15) minutes.
  • The team that is ahead when time expires advances.
  • When time expires, teams will finish the round they are currently playing.
  • Bags pushed in by an opponents toss count as a Baggo.
  • The game is over if the score reaches eleven (11) to zero (0).
  • If a bag ever lands on the ground or is tossed out of turn it does not count.
Baggo Tournament Team Signup

This contest has ended, please check back next year!