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Camping at WE Fest

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Camping Info

Important Camping Info / Latest News


No Firewood will be allowed into the campgrounds this year. It is IMPORTANT you understand this as, we will not allow any firewood to be brought into the campgrounds, so please do not bring firewood with you. 

Camping at WE Fest – the complete WE Fest experience…

WE Fest campers come in all ages and styles, from college kids in pup tents, to retirees in Air Stream trailers. Their shared love of country music generally allows for peaceful coexistence among the diversity of people in the campgrounds, but occasionally a problem arises between those who wish to go to sleep after the show, and those who would like to prolong the party. While all campgrounds have a 2:00 am noise curfew, some campgrounds are more active than others after that hour. Please take some time to read all of the campground descriptions, and select that campground that best matches your lifestyle.

Different campgrounds for different lifestyles

Over the years we’ve learned that some people like to party a little in the campgrounds, some people like to party a lot, and some people just want to get a good night’s sleep. So we’ve set up a system that sorts people out so everyone gets what they want. First, we’ve designated Lake Sallie and Northwoods as family campgrounds, with strictly enforced noise curfews. If you like to get some shuteye, try to get a permit in those campgrounds. We’ve also made age recommendations for the other campgrounds, on the theory that the younger you are, the later you like to stay up. To select the campground that fits your lifestyle, whatever your age, scroll down and select an individual campground to review its description. Excessive noise is never allowed in any campground, particularly after 2:00 am.

Vehicle Permits for the Campgrounds

Minnesota State Law limits the number of total vehicles that can be in any of the Soo Pass Ranch campgrounds. A vehicle permit is required for each “steering mechanism” that enters a campground. Large buses/RV’s or semi’s that exceed 40 feet in length will require extra cost (a large vehicle permit) because of the larger space they use.

Helpful Hints

We always like to remind you that if you want to camp with friends or family, and you’re traveling in separate vehicles, you should plan to arrive together. Campers are guided to the next available campsite, and there is no way to “save” a campsite.

Campground Options

Selecting a Campground

Over the years we have found that some people like to sleep right after the show and others like to stay up a while longer with their friends. To avoid problems, we have designated certain campgrounds Family Campgrounds, with stricter noise curfews. Please read the campground descriptions below carefully, and choose the appropriate campground for your life-style, and age group. Most of the campgrounds sell out in advance, so be sure to order early for the campground of your choice. Camping is sold per person and per vehicle (every steer wheel entering the campground, and every person.

All Ages

The Accessible campground is located on the west side of the site, at the entrance to the Northwoods campground, and will also overflow into Lake Sallie. You must have a state-issued Handicap Accessible sticker and an Accessible camping permit to camp in this area. This campground also has strictly enforced noise and traffic. There are a limited number of permits available.

30 & Over / Family Campgrounds

Order soon, it sells out early! It is located directly behind the stage. VIP Campground has a shower house and easy access to the concert site.

Northwoods is also designated a “FAMILY” campground, with a strict noise curfew. Due to the rolling hills and woods it is only suitable for units less than 28 feet long. There are a limited number of campsites available that will accommodate this length at this campground, the majority of campsites are limited to 20 feet in length. Be sure to bring leveling blocks. Northwoods campground also has a shower house and easy access to the concert site.

Lake Sallie
Lake Sallie is designated a “FAMILY” campground, with a strict noise curfew. People here want to get some sleep after the show. Lake Sallie campground has a shower house and easy access to the concert site.

Ages 25 to 30

Located right across from Oatfield, this is a flat open area, great for large RV’s.

Located on the northeast side of the site, Oatfield is reached through the pedestrian underpass on County Rd 22, it is within walking distance of the concert site, and is suitable for any camping unit. The Oatfield campground has a portable shower house, and is home to a mixture of younger and older campers who like to get some sleep in the wee hours.

Blue Ox
Located very close to admission gates on the east side, with a shower house. This campground always sells out FAST.

Under 25

The Viking Campground is located southeast of the concert site and is reached through the County Rd 22 pedestrian underpass. The Viking campground is generally groups of young people, and it is quite active after the show. It has a shower house and is able to handle any type of camping unit.

Eagle is situated on rolling meadows southeast of Viking campground, it is a half-mile from the concert site, and is serviced by shuttle buses. Hilltop is located on top of a hill, southeast of the concert site. Both of these campgrounds are home to groups of younger campers, who don’t mind the walk or the late hours. These campgrounds have portable houses. If you are under the age of 21, camp in Eagle/Hilltop.

Eagle and Hilltop campground permits are sold separately.

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