Hurry to Hilltop

Have FUN for All Ages Camping.  Every festival has its hidden gems. At WE Fest, one of those is Hilltop Campground. Hilltop gets its name from the huge hill that overlooks the entire festival grounds. A short hike, and you can see over 50,000 people and all 10 of the campgrounds. Hilltop is the only campground with a FREE shuttle service to the West Gates. Once arriving at the West Gate you can take a few easy steps into the Concert Bowl, or if you are venturous, hop on to the DL shuttle for their regular service into town or the beach and back.

Also for you convenience, Hilltop Campground has portable showers on both the north and south end of the campgrounds, its own food vending so you won’t have to leave its cozy confines to eat…PLUS, we are bringing back the entertaining US AIRBAG. Jump from a dizzying height, and land into a huge bag of air – fun to do and fun to watch. Don’t miss out on a chance to put your tent stakes in and experience festing! Hurry to Hilltop before it is all sold-out.